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Table Cooking with the Himalayan Salt Stone


The barbecue fun at the table - with stone from salt

The salt from the Himalayan region is not only a sight, but also an all-rounder. In addition to the high purity content, this salt also has the property of storing heat and cold - and this even longer than the conventional stone!

The handling for the individual table grill is quite simple: To heat the saltstone, place it at room temperature in the oven, directly on a grate over the fire or on the gas grill. Set the temperature to at least 250 degrees (not above 275 degrees). Allow the stones to heat well - at least 30-40 minutes depending on the thickness of the brine and depending on the oven.

Please note: The stone gradually releases salt. Therefore, the meat should not be pre-salted. Over time, the salt is removed and the stone has to be replaced.


Use it as a cooler

The Himalayan salt stone is not only suitable for frying but can also be used as a cooling element. To cool the salt, place in the freezer for 2 hours. This way, a sushi can be innovatively served - and the cheese plate stays fresh in summer.

Tip: Try the "Coolstone" from Nouvel, incl. stainless steel tray and cooling element.


A wonder of nature

When millions of years ago the Himalayan mountain ranged up, it buried a sea that covered the earth an estimated 220 million years ago. The salt layer of this evaporated sea is 400 to 600 meters deep underground and is now mined manually and without any chemical use. Just as naturally, the Himalayan salt comes in the trade.

This ancient salt is said to be of the highest purity. Due to the high pressure of the mountains, the elements in this salt are particularly fine and can be better absorbed by the cells. This salt is said to contain 84 chemical elements in a similar mixture ratio - just like human blood. Moreover, the salt has the same "energetic vibrations" as the human organism.


Care instructions

Always clean the saltstone with cool running water with a cloth or soft sponge. DO NOT use detergent! Salt is an alkaline and therefore does not provide bacteria with a breeding ground. Never leave the saltstone in the water nor clean it in the dishwasher.

Please note: Salt is a natural product and reacts to temperature fluctuations. Color and structural changes are quite normal. In rare cases, the stone may burst in the hot oven. In this case the stone will be replaced.